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Trick or Treat


Hallows Eve is a great time for the family to dress up and spend some time together with the added bonus of a sweet treat or two. 

The nights are dark and everyone is in costume so we have put together a little list of a few do's and dont's to make sure everyone has a fun and safe evening. 

Trick or Treaters

  • Have fun dressing up and getting in the spirit (that includes you parents)
  • Try to trick or treat between the hours of 4pm and 7pm 
  • If there is a house with no decorations and lights off please do not knock, remember the elderly may be afraid, they may not celebrate Hallows eve or there may be a baby sleeping (shhh)
  • Have your child wear something recognizable this can be a coloured headband / wristband there may be other children in the same costume and we don’t want the little munchkins getting lost in other groups  
  • Make sure the kiddies always say thank you
  • Chuck out any sweets without a wrapper
  • Make sure your children always stay on the doorsteps and never enter a person's home
  • If your child is going out without you make sure they stick to known streets and have your number & home address on them incase they get lost


  • Have fun dressing up and getting in the spirit it’s not just for those trick or treating
  • If you would prefer to not have trick or treaters, avoid putting out any decorations and keep the lights off to avoid attention
  • Don’t offer sweets / treats that are not in wrappers - they will only be thrown out (what a waste)
  • If someone knocks on your door with a blue pumpkin bucket please be aware this adult/child is autistic
  • When you run out of sweets blow out your pumpkin so people know not to disturb you

Have fun trick or treating :) 

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