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Half Term Events at the Marina Theatre

Half-Term Events at the Marina Theatre

We have a host of new and exciting activities for young people at the Marina Theatre over the February half-harm.  

For more information and to book your space, please contact the Marina Theatre box office on 01502 533200.

Monday 13th February
Blood and Gore!
10am - 12pm
Theatre Make Up 
Get your hands dirty and roll up your sleeves! Theatre is a messy business sometimes and you never know when you’ll need a loose limb, decapitated head or a bunch of nasty scars. Our hands on special effects workshop will give the chance to let your imagination run wild as you learn how to make fake blood, severed fingers and your very own fake eyeball! 

Ages 7-12
£8/£7 for Youth Theatre members

Tuesday 14th February
10am – 12pm
Musical Theatre 

Join us as we leap into the world of Musical Theatre!  Our talented and experienced team have specially selected famous musical theatre shows and will take you through a professional physical and vocal warm, teach you about the story and characters, then guide you through rehearsing some of those amazing song and dance routines.  This session we will focus on the smash hit Matilda.  

Ages 9-16
£8/£7 for Youth Theatre members

Wednesday 15th February 
Theatre Game Challenge 
Ever played Splat?  Palm Trees?  Perhaps you’re a master of Zip, Zap, Boing or a dab hand at Questions Only? Come along to our Theatre Games sessions, make friends, learn new games and maybe earn the title of Marina Master!  These are fun, fast-paced sessions packed with action and drama.  

Ages 9 to 16
£8/£7 for Youth Theatre members

Friday 17th February

How fast can you think?  Enter the quick-fire world of improvisation find out!  Improvisation is all about spontaneity, working together and creating stories and characters out of thin air.  Learn how to listen and react to each other and build scenes on the spot.  Jump in the deep end and have fun, who knows what will happen?

Ages 12-18
£8/£7 for Youth Theatre Members

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