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Beast from the East


Hales care workers battle through the snow to reach clients


Hales Care staff have been battling snow and ice to provide services to frail and vulnerable people following the severe cold weather nicknamed "Beast from the East".


Nicola Mewse, Managing Director, said: "We have 4 x 4's out collecting stranded workers, we have people walking their rounds where usually a car is required, and we have care workers going into Extra care schemes to add support where they can’t get to their usual areas. Families and branch staff are working together to make sure that everyone is kept safe in these most treacherous of conditions. We want to applaud our workers for "going the extra mile, or 2 or 3".


Hales care workers all across the UK are once again defying the weather and getting to clients using whatever means they can, we would like to thank each and every care worker for the exceptional work they do no matter what is thrown at them.

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