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Saturday 15th June 2019

Al Murray

Marina Theatre at 2:30 PM

“Citizens of Hope and Glory! Our new tomorrow beckons. A new tomorrow that smells reassuringly of yesterday, but with wifi. One last heave and we will be there. And when the going gets tough the tough get going. Although the going won’t get tough and anyone who tells you it is going to be tough is lying. Come join me to marvel at the majesty of our green and pleasant land. A  land just off the coast of France, except now it feels a little bit further away. Join me to step backwards into the future.”

For over 20 years Al Murray, The Pub Landlord has filled the biggest venues around the UK, including London’s 02 Arena and, on his 2016 extended sell-out tour, the iconic Royal Albert Hall.

He has won numerous awards, hosted many critically acclaimed television shows including the 2017 ITV primetime Christmas special, Make Christmas Great Again, and in 2015 famously stood for election in the hotly contested seat of South Thanet.

Brexit is a godsend to Murray: after all, the Pub Landlord was a caricature of the more extreme Brexiteer, years before Brexit was even a prospect… very funny.

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